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  • Venus

    Venus represents love. In its lowest state it is blind attraction, producing gravitation among the corporeal planets and instincts among animals. The more it becomes amalgamated with intelligence, the more does it become capable to manifest its divine qualities. Pure love is a divine and self-existent power which only gives and does not seek to receive. It has no desires; but it creates desires in the objects in which its power awakens. In its higher aspects it rules artists and true physicians, in its lower state it is active in all affairs of love and marriage and in pleasures of various kinds. Among the metals it is represented by silver, in the spiritual realm by the goddess of Love. As Power is the father of all gods, likewise Venus is their mother. No being can exist without love. When their ♀ is departed they will all be swallowed up by ♄.

  • Jupiter

    Jupiter represents power. Its qualities differ according to its aspects. Its symbol is an eagle; because it enables man to rise up by its power into their heighest regions of thought, even to the throne of the Eternal. It is, or ought to be, therefore, the ruling planet for ecclesiastics and clergymen, and those who have to deal with the administration of justice. Its influence gives eloquence. It is friendly with all the rest of the planets except ♂; the latter being loved by none except ♀. In the mineral kingdom it is represented by tin; in the spiritual realm by Jupiter, the king of the gods, who obtain their power through him.

  • Mercury

    Mercury represents the Intellect, and it may be a good or evil planet according to the conditions under which it acts. If ☿ is under the influence of ♄; that is to say, if the intellect is subservient to selfish and material things, it becomes a source of evil; if combined with ♃ it will produce pride; if united with love ♀ it will become wise, and in this manner “crude mercury” may be transformed into the gold of wisdom.

  • Mars

    Mars represents strength. If unguided by wisdom it is a dangerous planet, inclined to deeds of violence, acting rashly and without consideration. It is a principle which causes anger and wrath. It has been regarded as the god of warriors, soldiers, lawyers, causing also the effects of violent medicines. Its action may become moderated by its union with ♀. Among the metals Mars is represented by iron, in the kingdom of spiritual powers by the god of war. It is of a feiry nature, and as fire does not combine with water, likewise an irate temper and the assertion of self-will is incompatible with that calm and peaceful thought necessary for the perception of truth.

  • Luna

    The Moon is the symbol of imagination, illusion, and dreams. She has no light of her own, but borrows her light from the Sun. Without the light of the sun the moon would be cold and dark; without the power of the Will the products of the Imagination are without life. Thoughts become powerful only when they are infused by the will; they become luminous only when they are illuminated by love; they can be wise only if permeated by wisdom. Under the influence of the moon are said to be especially dreamers and mediums, persons who live a great deal in the realm of imgination and fancy, ladies of rank, pleasure seekers and travellers; it is said to govern things in which there is little firmness and stability, especially water and ships. In the mineral kingdom the Moon is represented by silver, in the spiritual kingsom by Luna, the queen of the night.

  • Sol

    The Sun is the emblem of Wisdom. In him are the powers of all the planets united; in him are love, will, and intelligence combined into one; in the same sense as the four sides of a pyramid all culminate in one point. The Sun is the centre and source of all light and head, and of all power; not only the visible terrestrial light, but of the light of intelligence; not only of terrestrial head, but of the heat of live. He attracts by his power all the planets in space and keeps them within their orbits. Those in whom the sun principle is strong are capable of becoming wise, strong, and powerful. It is therefore said that the Sun is a planet governing the souls of kings and noblemen, and conferrinf honours, powers, and titles. Its influence is decisive in all important questions in human life.

  • Saturn

    Saturn represents the element of Matter. Not the visible tangible earth, but the primordial Substance out of which all things are made. It is also the principle of Life. It produces and destroys all forms, and is therefore represented as the god who eats his own children. Unless associated with ☉, Saturn is a cold, cruel and dark planet. It therefore rules old persons, misers, and usurers, gross material and vulgar people, and governs agricultural and mining persuits. In the mineral kingdom ♄ is represented by lead; in the spiritual realm as the god of Time.

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