Flesh Eater

Arcana Mundi: Magic and the Occult in the Greek and Roman Worlds: A Collection of Ancient Texts


Here is another example of love magic from the Great Papyrus in Paris.
Similar to an earlier text [no. 18], it illustrates the total power over
a woman that the magician (or his client) desires. The spell is written
in the form of an impassioned monologue directed at a vessel of myrrh,
which is burning during the whole operation. There is a kind of poetry
in the intensity of the appeal to the magical substance and the detailed
anticipation of its effect, and there is the same lack of compassion for
the victim, who is treated as a mere sex object, not as a human being.

Great Magical Papyrus in Paris (PGM IV.1495–1546)

Spell of attraction over myrrh that is burning. While the myrrh is
burning over coals, recite the formula. Formula:

You are Myrrha, the bitter, the difficult. You reconcile those who fight
each other; you burn and force those who do not acknowledge Eros to fall
in love. Everyone calls you Zmyrna, but I call you flesh-eater and
heart-burner. I am not sending you to distant Arabia; I am not sending
you to Babylon, but I am sending you to NN, whose mother is NN, to help
me with her, to bring her to me. If she is sitting, let her not sit; if
she is talking to someone, let her not talk; if she is looking at
someone, let her not look; if she is going to someone, let her not go;
if she is walking about, let her not walk about; if she is drinking, let
her not drink; if she is eating, let her not eat; if she is kissing
someone, let her not kiss; if she is enjoying something pleasant, let
her not enjoy it; if she is sleeping, let her not sleep. Let her think
of me, NN, alone; let her desire me alone; let her love me alone, and
let her do all my wishes.

Do not enter her through her eyes, not through her sides, not through
her nails, not through her navel, not through her members, but through
her soul and settle down in her heart and burn her guts, her breast, her
liver, her breath, her bones, her marrow, until she comes to me, NN,
loving me and doing all my wishes. Because I adjure you, Zmyrna, by the
three names anocho abrasax tro and by the even more compelling and
potent ones kormeioth iao sabaoth adonai to carry out my commands,
Zmyrna. As I burn you and [as] you are powerful, so you must burn the
brain of the woman I love, NN. Inflame her guts and rip them out, shed
her blood, drop by drop, until she comes to me, NN, whose mother is NN.