Introduction Agrippa to the reader. Agrippa to Trithemius. Trithemius to Agrippa.

How Magicians Collect vertues from the Three-fold World, is Declared in these Three Books.
What Magic is, What are the Parts thereof, and How the Professors thereof must be Qualified.

Of the Four Elements, their Qualities, and Mutual Mixtions.
Of a Three-fold Consideration of the Elements.
Of the Wonderful Natures of Fire and Earth.
Of the Wonderful Natures of Water, Air and Winds.
Of the Kinds of Compounds, what Relation they stand in to the Elements, and what Relation there is betwixt the Elements themselves and the Soul, Senses and Dispositions of Men.
How the Elements are in the Heavens, in Stars, in Devils, in Angels, and lastly in God himself.
Of the vertues of things Natural, depending immediately upon Elements.

Of the Occult vertues of Things
How Occult vertues are Infused into the several kinds of Things by Ideas, thrugh the Help of the Soul of the World, and Rays of the Stars; and what Things abound most with this vertue.
How it is that Particular vertues are Infused into Particular Individuals, even of the same Species.
Whence the Occult vertues of Things Proceed.

Of the Spirit of the World, What It Is, and how by way of medium It Unites occult vertues to their Subjects.

How we must Find Out and Examine the vertues of Things by way of Similitude.
How the Operations of several vertues Pass from one thing into another, and are Communicated one to the other.
How by Enmity and Friendship the vertues of things are to be Tried and Found Out.
Of the Inclinations of Enmities.
How the vertues of Things are to be Tried and Found Out, which are in them Specifically, or in any one Individual by way of Special gift.
The Natural vertues are in some Things throughout their Whole Substance, and in other Things in certain Parts and Members.
Of the vertues of Things which are in them only in their Life Time, and Such as Remain in them even After their Death.

How Inferior Things are Subjected to Superior Bodies, and how the Bodies, the Actions, and Dispositions of Men are Ascribed to Stars and Signs.
Chapter 23 How we shall Know what Stars natural Things are Under, and what Things are under the Sun, which are called Solary.
Chapter 24 What Things are Lunary, or Under the Power of the Moon.
Chapter 25 What Things are Saturnine, or Under the Power of Saturn.
Chapter 26 What Things are Under the Power of Jupiter, and are called Jovial.
Chapter 27 What Things are Under the Power of Mars, and are called Martial.
Chapter 28 What things are Under the Power of Venus, and are called Venereal.
Chapter 29 Things are Under the Power of Mercury, and are called Mercurial.

That the Whole Sublunary World, and those Things which are in It, are Distributed to Planets.
How Provinces and Kingdoms are Distributed to Planets.
What Things are Under the Signs, the Fixed Stars, and their Images.
Of the Seals and Characters of Natural Things.
How, by Natural Things and their vertues, We may Draw Forth and Attract the Influences and vertues of Celestial Bodies.
Of the Mixtions of Natural Things, one with another, and their Benefits.
Of the Union of Mixt Things, and the Introduction of a More Noble Form, and the Senses of Life.
How, by some certain Natural and Artificial Preparations, We may Attract certain Celestial and Vital Gifts.
How we may Draw not only Celestial and Vital but also certain Intellectual and Divine Gifts from Above.
That we may, by some certain Matters of the World, Stir Up the Gods of the World and their Ministering Spirits.

Of Bindings; what Sort they are of, and in what Ways they are wont to be Done.
Of Sorceries, and their Power.
Of the Wonderful vertues of some kinds of Sorceries.
Of Perfumes or Suffumigations; their Manner and Power.
The Composition of some Fumes appropriated to the Planets.
Of Collyries, Unctions, Love-Medicines, and their vertues.
Of natural Alligations and Suspensions.
Of Magical Rings and their Composition.
Of the vertue of Places, and what Places are Suitable to every Star.
Of Light, Colors, Candles and Lamps, and to what Stars, Houses and Elements several Colors are Ascribed.

Of Fascination, and the Art thereof.

Of certain Observations, Producing wonderful vertues.
Of the Countenance and Gesture, the Habit and the Figure of the Body, and to what Stars any of these do Answer – whence Physiognomy, and Metoposcopy, and Chiromancy, Arts of Divination, have their Grounds.
Of Divination, and the Kinds thereof.
Of divers certain Animals, and other things, which have a Signification in Auguries.
Of the Soothsayings of Flashes and Lightnings, and how Monstrous and Prodigious Things are to be Interpreted.
Of Geomancy, Hydromancy, Aeromancy, and Pyromancy, Four Divinations of Elements.
Of the Reviving of the Dead, and of Sleeping or Hibernating (wanting victuals) Many Years together.
Of Divination by Dreams.
Of Madness, and Divinations which are made when men are awake, and of the power of a Melancholy Humor, by which Spirits are sometimes induced into Men’s Bodies.

Chapter 61 Of the Forming of Man, of the External Senses, also those Inward, and the Mind; and of the Threefold Appetite of the Soul, and Passions of the Will.
Of the Passions of the Mind, their Original Source, Differences, and Kinds.
How the Passions of the Mind change the proper Body by changing its Accidents and moving the Spirit.
How the Passions of the Mind change the Body by way of Imitation from some Resemblance; of the Transforming and Translating of Men, and what Force the Imaginative Power hath, not only over the Body but the Soul.
How the Passions of the Mind can Work of themselves upon Another’s Body.
That the Passions of the Mind are Helped by a Celestial Season, and how Necessary the Constancy of the Mind is in every Work.

How the Mind of Man may be Joined with the Mind of the Stars, and Intelligences of the Celestials, and, together with them, Impress certain wonderful vertues upon inferior Things.
How our Mind can Change and Bind inferior Things to the Ends which we Desire.

Of Speech, and the Occult vertue of Words.
Of the vertue of Proper Names.
Of many Words joined together, as in Sentences and Verses, and of the vertues and Astrictions of Charms.
Of the wonderful Power of Enchantments.
Of the vertue of Writing, and of Making Imprecations, and Inscriptions.
Of the Proportion, Correspondency, and Reduction of Letters to the Celestial Signs and Planets, According to various Tongue, and a Table thereof.